Tax Collector: Mrs. Judy K. Hage is the tax collector for Pulaski Township and the School Real Estate and Per Capita Taxes. Her office is located at 4707 Rochester Road and her phone number is 724-843-6953. Her office hours are on Wednesday 9-6 and others by appointment. Judy does a fine job and is very pleasant and easy to work with.

Tax Millage for Pulaski Township: County 22.2, Local 13, School 60.3, Total 95.5 miles

Earned Income, Business Privilege, Mercantile taxes, Delinquent Per Capita taxes and the LST Taxes are all collected by Berkheimer Tax Administrator, 50 North 7th Street, Bangor, PA 18013. E-mail: www.HAB-Inc.com. Phone: 1-866-701-7206

The Beaver County Real Estates Taxes are collected by the Beaver County Treasurer, Connie Javens, the Beaver County Court House, 810 Third Street, Beaver, PA 15009. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is 724-728-5700.

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